Responsible Tourism: learn all about CS Global certification

CS Global has been certified with the Responsible Tourism Seal. This was possible thanks to the measures adopted to protect against COVID-19. See below what this seal is and how important it is for the sector.


In June, the Ministry of Tourism launched the “Responsible Tourism” seal to guarantee consumer safety and promote national tourism.

The program establishes good hygiene practices that must be followed by each sector segment. This is the first stage of the Brazilian Tourism Recovery Plan, which aims to reduce the impacts of the pandemic and prepare companies for a gradual return.

By offering responsible tourism, customers will have more confidence to travel, as certified companies will be complying with specific protocols for the prevention of COVID-19.

With this new seal, Brazil is positioned as a protected and responsible destination for receiving tourists.


Variations of the Responsible Tourism seal

To establish protection for the segments that involve national tourism, several variations of protocols were developed, which can be found on the official website of the Responsible Tourism Seal.

1 – Accommodation

2 – Travel agencies

3 – Tourist carriers

4 – Event organizers

5 – Theme parks

6 – Tourist camps

7 – Restaurants, bars and similar

8 – Convention centers, fairs, exhibitions and similar

9 – Enterprises of entertainment, leisure and water parks

10 – Projects to support nautical tourism or sports people

11 – Concert halls

12 – Providers of infrastructure services for events

13 – Car rental for tourists

14 – Providers specialized in tourist segments

15 – Tourist guides

CS Global is certified by Responsible Tourism

CS Global is concerned with the safety and well-being of all passengers and employees, adopting a series of measures to protect against COVID-19.

Thanks to the new protocols, we received the Responsible Tourism Seal in the category of “tourist carriers”.

It requires that surfaces that come into contact with passengers be washed and disinfected several times a day. Their temperature also needs to be checked whenever they enter vehicles.

Air circulation must take place, keeping the windows open or the air conditioning on. For more hygiene, it is necessary to provide 70% alcohol, which may be in gel, liquid, spray, foam or wet wipes.

Finally, social distance needs to be respected, in addition, of course, to the use of masks throughout the journey.


Global CS prevention manual

Our customers and employees deserve protection. Therefore, we have adopted some security measures. You can find more details in our Prevention Manual.

Precautions start even before entering the vehicle, with the temperature of all passengers being checked.

Maintaining social distance is one of the main factors to protect yourself. For this reason, acrylic protections were installed in all sedans and minivans of our fleet. In addition, the vehicles are operating at only 50% of their maximum capacity.

We make masks and gel alcohol available for drivers and customers and, between trips, we clean the vehicles using the bio sanitization technique.

For the air to circulate it is essential that the windows remain open. Orientation is done through custom seat covers.

With these actions, we guarantee responsible tourism for our customers, in addition to collaborating with the resumption of the sector. If you still have questions about the safety of traveling in our cars, please contact our team. It will be a pleasure to explain what measures were adopted.