New brand: CS Brazil is now CS Global

Many of you have already realized that CS Brazil has a new look! The adhesion of the new brand was made to efficiently represent the new positioning.

We are changing our name, as the nomenclature Brazil no longer represented everything we can offer. We are now CS Global.


Reasons to join the new brand

Our performance is based on executive transportation in more than 120 countries, offering quality service and personalization for everyone.

The use of the term “Brazil” as the company’s identity is no longer meaningful. With that, CS Global was born, the new brand of a solid organization with expertise in the services offered.


Who is behind the new brand?

We are adhering to a new positioning, which is more suited to our reality.

This means that, behind this, are the same people who led CS Brazil. We are the same team, with the same goals and values, but with a new brand.


What are the services provided by CS Global?

CS Global is a company focused on logistics planning for corporate transportation and events.

Within the range of services offered to all countries in which we operate are executive transportation, road show, executive security, groups and events, logistics coordination, luxury car and boat rental, wedding car, private aviation and concierge.

Everything is customized according to the needs of each customer and situation, maintaining excellence in every process.

To better serve everyone, we have 7 call centers spread out in strategic positions around the world: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, New York, Tokyo, London and a 24-hour call center. To facilitate communication, the service is done in Portuguese.


Car fleet

To provide the best service, CS Global has its own fleet, guaranteeing the quality and efficiency of the vehicles, which is constantly renewed.

In addition, we offer a large fleet of armored level III-A vehicles, certified by the Army and Civil Police to ensure safety during transportation.

We have executive sedan, luxury sedan, SUVs, MPVs, business van, luxury van, cargo van, business minibus and business motorcoaches models.



The adhesion of the new brand happened due to the globalization of the company.

And drivers are included in this process. To serve passengers in the best way, our professionals are bilingual.

All of them are trained by the Roberto Manzini Pilotage Center, located inside of the famous Interlagos race track in São Paulo. We are extremely concerned about safety and, for this reason, the fleet and all passengers are insured by Santander and Tokyo Marine, both financial groups with an international reputation.


New Brand: Globalization

The change to the name CS Global happened with a single objective: to guarantee the best experience for our passengers anywhere in the globe.

We will continue to improve all the services we already offer, to guarantee even more personalized projects in more than 120 countries, which means that, no matter where you are, we will be accompanying you and ensuring that everything goes smoothly as planned.


Did you have any questions related to the process? Don’t worry, we are available to clarify them! To do this, simply contact us through our website. Our consultants will be happy to help.

And remember: we are the same team, with the same values, but with a new identity!

Count on CS Global.