Executive transportation: What is it?

The executive transportation was created to ensure the safety of all who need to focus entirely on your business and does not have time for mobility concerns.

This service is particularly important for those who need to travel frequently for many different reasons, such as meetings, flights, and business trips, because taking a taxi is not the fastest and safest option.

The convenience of having a reliable company to always take you where you need to be is unmatched.

Executive transportation benefits

In addition to the security and agility previously mentioned, executive transportation can bring savings to the company. If the organization has its own cars, it is necessary to pay the drivers’ salary, fuel, annual taxes and vehicle’s maintenance.

With taxis, the problem lies in the variation of price according to the route traveled and the time of the day, which can lead to not very pleasant surprises.

Using executive transport, expenses are fixed, allowing calculations to be made in advance to plan the finances.

Another very important point is the comfort, since the businessmen’s routine is quite exhausting, involving long trips, in addition to spend a lot of time in traffic and countless unforeseen events.

The choice of vehicle that will be used is also made by the customer, who can choose the model that best suits your needs.


Security in executive transportation 

Safety is essential for executive transportation.

Having a fleet prepared with armored vehicles is essential to protect all passengers who will use our services.

But, for that, it is necessary to have a certificate from the Army and Civil Police, ensuring that the armor has been done correctly and will have positive results.

In addition, it is important to have drivers specialized with certification in personal safety to ensure the integrity of both, passenger and driver.


What to consider when choosing an executive transportation company?

The most important thing on the list when choosing the ideal company for executive transportation is the commitment.

No executive wants to go through situations such as delays or even to risk his life due to driver’s carelessness during the trip. For this reason, professionals must be highly trained, ensuring that services are provided with the highest quality.

Another relevant point is whether drivers know well the region in where they will operate most frequently, in addition to the peculiarities of the fleet. Equipment such as GPS tracking System cannot be missing.


Meet CS Global

CS Global is a company specialized in logistics planning for corporate transportation and events. With extensive experience, we operate in more than 120 countries ensuring the same quality in any location across the globe.

One of the services offered is executive transportation, designed to ensure safety and quality for all passengers.

We have our own fleet of vehicles, which are updated frequently to ensure customer comfort.

In addition, the armored cars have level III-A armor, recognized by the Army and Civil Police. Safety is our main concern and, therefore, our customers are assured by Tokio Marine.

Our drivers have certification on safety driving to avoid accidents and risky situations, in addition to having personal safety guidelines.

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