Executive Aviation: What it is and how it works

Executive aviation is ideal for professionals looking for autonomy and flexibility in their schedule. With a busy day, transport by aircraft can be an ideal solution. Continue reading the article and learn more.

It is quite common to find entrepreneurs who use this model of transportation services to attend meetings in other cities. But do you know exactly what that is?

Executive aviation is a branch of general aviation and its main objective is to meet the demand for private flights on routes and schedules different from those performed by airlines.


Which aircraft can make private flights

Executive aviation is made up of private aircraft. It is common to find small planes, such as jets and turbo-props, for air transportation.

Helicopters are also suitable for business aviation, being very popular due to their size, since most executives use air transport to arrive at meetings and generally land on helipads.


Benefits of using Executive aviation

Having aircrafts to reach the destination can be the ideal choice for everyone who wants to optimize transportation time.

Executive aviation makes it easier to get to meetings without delay, as airplanes can reach very high speeds and do not get stuck in traffic.

We have separated some of the benefits that executive aviation can bring to passengers. Check it out:


1 – Efficiency

There are small aircrafts that reach a higher speed than commercial airplanes. But the biggest time gain is in the optimization of all stages.

With executive aviation it is not necessary to wait for hours at the airport for boarding and disembarking as with commercial flights.

From bureaucratic issues to baggage logistics, all that time can be turned into productivity.


2 – Coverage

On commercial flights, passengers are restricted to land at large airports, which in most cases are far from their destination.

According to the Brazilian Infrastructure Center (CBIE), in 2019 there were 2,499 aerodromes and only 99 airports, showing that the coverage is much bigger for executive aviation.


3 – Flexibility

This aviation model uses different routes and schedules from those used by commercial aviation. It is much easier to program flexibly.

With this service, it is possible to start the day in Curitiba, have lunch in Rio de Janeiro and finish the day in São Paulo, for example.

The change in plans can also be considered. If a meeting that was scheduled to take place at the headquarters of a company in São Paulo changes to the Brasilia branch, it is possible to change the route before taking off.


4 – Comfort

Choosing commercial flights can mean not having much comfort, as it will share the space with strangers. It is common to find families with young children, who may cry during the entire trip.

With executive flights, passengers experience a fully customized experience.

Before boarding, passengers present their tastes to the crew, being able to choose the cabin temperature, landing preferences and, in some cases, on-board services as a specific menu.

What matters is to offer the best experience, ensuring the comfort and tranquility of those who are traveling.


5 – Privacy

Public people often experience discomfort while flying in commercial aviation. With executive aviation, passengers can avoid busy terminals and ensure complete privacy.

In the case of executives, professionals can take the time inside the aircraft to resolve issues and discuss information in complete secrecy and privacy.


Executive Aviation Company

o carry out executive aviation, the company needs to have specific regulations and certifications.

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