Road show: What it is and how to create

Road show consists of an itinerant event that crosses several cities. Most of the time, the goal is to bring investors into new projects. Continue reading the article and learn how to create this innovative model of institutional presentations.

Companies are choosing more often for events in the “road show” format. This model is used in several segments, always bringing innovation and modernity to the presentations.

The main feature of an itinerant event is to be continuously on the road. In the literal translation, the term means “presentation on the road”, but of course we should not take it literally.

In fact, the objective is to provide explanations on the same topic, in different regions and in a sequential manner.

Another characteristic is the periodicity. Road show exhibitions are usually short and fully focused on a specific activity or program.


Main reasons for doing a road show

The particularities of an event held in the road show format fit the objectives of organizations from different segments, perfectly meeting different situations that the business world requires.

The model is widely used for pitch presentations (with a focus on attracting new investors).

As the road show is itinerant, it is necessary to have the possibility of personalization and adaptation for each location, meeting the needs of the spectators in each region.


Are there any advantages to creating a road show?

If you are wondering if there are any advantages to creating a road show, we give you the answer: YES!

The main one is the proximity to the target audience, making the possibility of closing deals with possible investors much greater.

Another beneficial factor is the strengthening of the brand through such an innovative and potential action. The road show initiative can generate a lot of information content, bringing knowledge to the most diverse locations.

During the planning of the event, it is necessary to precisely define the target audience, so that an assertive script is drawn, reaching the right people to achieve the objectives.


What to present at an itinerant event?

Above all, a road show consists of an exhibition of the services and products offered by the organization.

A good tip is to start introducing the company and what it has to offer. Data about its relevance in the market and the time of experience should also be mentioned.

This is important because not all guests will have studied the organization before.

There is no rule on what the subsequent topics will be. This needs to be personalized and planned according to each product or service, always thinking about the audience that will be at the road show.

At the end of the presentation, it is important to allow time for the viewers to clear up their doubts about the project and make observations. This step is essential when we think about strengthening the relationship with possible investors.

I want to do a road show

To put this strategy into practice, logistics planning and specialized infrastructure are required. And having a company with expertise in this matter is essential to ensure that unexpected situations do not happen.

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