Vehicle hygiene: Measures taken by CS Global

Providing the best transfer experience is always the goal of CS Global. During the pandemic period, some actions were taken to protect passengers, including vehicle hygiene. Continue reading the article and understand.

The pandemic brought a series of discussions about cleaning and vehicle hygiene was not left out of the list, since the virus spreads easily in contact with surfaces.

Doctors pointed out the importance of cleaning the vehicle in order to avoid contamination of other people. They point out that, at the end of each trip, it is necessary to clean the visible surfaces of the car, such as seats, dashboard, and door parts.

Performing this small vehicle cleaning already helps to remove invisible particles that accumulate when sneezing, coughing, and touching the inside of the car, protecting everyone who uses this transport.


Responsible Tourism Seal

Thinking about the safety of tourists traveling to all regions of Brazil, the Ministry of Tourism created the Responsible Tourism Seal. We have already explained this in another matter.

Transport companies that carry out the transfer of these people, as well as CS Global, needed to put some rules into practice to guarantee the quality certification of the services provided.

We have already received the seal in the category of tourist transportation, and for that we needed to modify some processes, such as vehicle cleaning.


Vehicle hygiene procedures adopted by CS Global

Following the standards established by the Ministry of Tourism, many processes have been changed in our services. Everything was designed to protect our customers and employees.

When it comes to vehicle hygiene, our care is even greater. The first measure adopted was the distribution of masks and alcohol gel for everyone who gets into our cars. With this action, we were able to reduce the amount of transmission particles in internal parts.

At the end of all trips, the vehicle is cleaned. The smaller vehicles are cleaned on all surfaces with a technique that uses ozone, and the large ones go through the process of bio sanitization. By doing this, we were able to eliminate 99.99% of the viruses and bacteria present.


Precautions adopted by CS Global for protection

Social detachment is the main way to prevent Covid-19. In small environments, such as automobiles, isolation becomes even more difficult. Therefore, we have adopted some measures to avoid contact between passengers and the driver while traveling.

The sedans and minivans received an acrylic partition. It does not impair visibility and, since it’s flexible, does not cause damage in the case of accidents. In addition, it is very efficient in protection, preventing contaminated particles from coming into contact with other people.

In the vans, minibuses and buses, covers were applied with distance and protection guidelines, which must be followed by all passengers, as is the case of wearing a mask during the journey and opening the windows to ensure that the air circulates inside the cars. At the end of the trip, the vehicles also go through the hygiene process.

The reduction in passenger capacity is also being followed. In all models, we only transport 50% of the total. For example, if a bus carries 30 people in a normal period, during the pandemic, it will only be able to transport 15 people.

These are some of the measures we have adopted to offer protection and quality to our customers and employees. We think about every detail to make sure that the experience with our fleet and team will be the best possible.

If you still have doubts about the measures we are following, please contact our team.