ARTESP: what is this certification?

ARTESP was created as a transportation regulatory department in the State of São Paulo. For this, it created a certification for companies that perform this type of service. Keep reading and understand its importance.

ARTESP was created in 2002, based on Complementary Law No. 914. The special regime autonomy has budgetary, financial, technical, functional, administrative, and political power.

The main objective of its creation was to regulate and supervise all modalities related to transport, whether public or private, within the scope of the State Secretariat for Logistics and Transportation.

The agency operates in the State of São Paulo and came to succeed the Commission for Monitoring Public Concessions and Permissions.


Transport companies need ARTESP certification

To offer the best service to passengers, companies that carry out the logistical transportation of people need to have a series of certifications.

One of them is ARTESP, which regulates transportation in the State of São Paulo to ensure safety for all.

One of the rules for earning the ARTESP certificate is that the company has vehicles with little use time, which increases the safety of all passengers.

The majority must have a maximum of 10 years of manufacture and cars of up to 15 years of use, however, cannot represent more than 50% of the total fleet that the company has.

It is important to note that organizations can only transport people in São Paulo with this certification up to date. Before hiring a logistics transport organization, it is essential to pay attention to this point.

CS Global is ready to assist you

As you already know, our main objective is to offer protection and quality to all our passengers.

Complying with the rules established by public agencies is essential, making CS Global certified ARTESP and regulated with all established requirements.

With a new fleet and own vehicles, we meet the needs of our customers with great quality and safety.


Advantages of hiring CS Global

CS Global has years of experience in the passenger logistics market, operating in more than 135 countries with the same quality and safety.

We are prepared to meet all your transportation needs, with sedans, SUVs, minivans, vans, minibuses and executive buses.

In addition, we have level IIIA armored vehicles, certified by the Brazilian Army and Civil Police, offering the highest level of protection allowed for vehicles in Brazil.

To offer the best transportation experience, all drivers follow a standard set by our company. Costumes like a black suit, tie and black shoes are essential. Some are bilingual and intended to provide services to foreigners.

Another factor that demonstrates our concern for safety is training. All professionals who are part of our team are trained by the Roberto Manzini Driving Center. In addition, the fleet and passengers are insured by Tokio Marine.

In addition to ARTESP, CS Global has several certifications that prove the quality of the services offered and the concern we have with the protection of everyone who passes by our vehicles. Do you want to know more? Visit our website and ask your question.