Transportation for large events: How the logistics of the biggest event in Latin America works

The transportation for large events must be done with safety and very carefully, especially when we are talking about approximately 14 thousand participants. Want to know more about it? Continue reading the article!

You should already know that CS Global is a specialist in logistics transportation of people, right? We are very proud to work with business transportation for events, in order to transport everyone involved. 

Today, we will share our experience at the WG Bradesco Bank event, the largest in Latin America, of which we are proud to have participated in the 2019 and 2020 editions.

It receives approximately 14 thousand managers from all over Brazil for 33 days, and takes place at Expo Transamérica, located in São Paulo.


CS Global’s role at the WG Bradesco

This event required several services that we offer at CS Global, so we took care of all the transportation related part, transporting the 14 thousand participants.

To make everything to happen in the best way, we started carrying out the logistical planning months in advance, preparing the number of vehicles necessary to ensure comfort for everyone.

As managers came from all over Brazil to São Paulo, we were responsible for meeting them at the airport and taking them to their respective hotels. During the event, our drivers met the guests at the hotel and took them to Expo Transamérica. At the end of the workshop, we took the managers back to the airport. The transportation of the staff was also done by our team.


Transportation security for event

Our priority is to ensure the safety of all passengers and, therefore, we work with the best drivers for the event. All of them have a training to guarantee the quality of services.

In addition, the vehicles chosen for WG Bradesco are new, ensuring more safety for everyone.

Another relevant factor for safety is the logistics coordination. Specialized professionals who know the details of the planning, coordinated the flow of people. For the biggest event in Latin America, this cannot be missing. Keeping 14,000 people organized is essential to the success of transportation in this event.


Alignments with CET

The logistics process for the event also involved the surroundings of Expo Transamérica.

We developed, together with the Traffic Engineering Company (CET), the planning of how traffic would run around the WG Bradesco.

For that, a CET professional was placed close to the Expo Transamérica, showing the directions to the drivers. In addition, traffic and publicity signs were placed on the event surroundings.


Relying on CS Global for transportation in events 

Having experience and quality is fundamental to success, especially when it comes to a large event, such as WG Bradesco.

If you also want this for your company’s event, count on CS Global. We operate in more than 120 countries, with guaranteed quality standards and concern for the safety of all guests.

With our own fleet and trained drivers, we present the best transportation solutions for all sizes of groups.

Talk to our professionals and present your needs. We will think in alternatives to solve every detail and create a personalized transportation plan for your event.

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