Wedding car: how to choose the ideal vehicle

A unique moment like the wedding deserves a lot of planning. The wedding car also needs to be chosen with care, meeting the needs of the bride. Want to know more about it? Continue reading the article.

During the pandemic period, we cannot celebrate dates as important as weddings, but planning must not stop! In fact, the choice of wedding car must be made carefully and following some requirements.

Sometimes, the vehicle becomes the last item to be decided, however, it is essential. The car that the bride will arrive at the ceremony brings glamor to the celebration.

The wedding car may be responsible for giving a special touch to the most special day of life for couples, besides, of course, to become a decorative object, making the photos more beautiful and charming.

Do you know how to choose the ideal wedding car? We have separated some points that must be considered.


1 – Wedding car appearance

The first step is to choose the car model that pleases the couple. It is important to keep in mind that this selection needs to be consistent with the style of the ceremony, in addition to reflecting much of their personality.

There are many options! The vehicle can be old, conventional, or even a sports car.

Color also needs to be thought about with care. Most choose the traditional white, however, this can change according to the colors chosen for the decoration of the party.


2 – Available space

Traditionally, brides arrive at the ceremony in the wedding car. Because of that, it is necessary to think about a car with considerably large interior space, since the dress, veil, hairstyle, and bouquet, make a great volume. This detail is essential so that the bride does not become untidy on the way.

Another important item is to define how many people will accompany the bride in the vehicle, since at the end of the celebration, the same vehicle will take the couple to their wedding night.


3 – Modernization

Certainly, in most of the weddings you went to, the bride and groom had the help of a driver, right?

However, things are modernizing, and some couples are taking the time to choose the car of their dreams and take the wheel.

In such cases, the bride’s father is responsible for driving her in the vehicle until the ceremony and the rest of the journey is done under the command of the groom.

This is also an excellent option. The photos look great and have a lot of fun!

4 – Wedding car security

Above all, safety is an item that cannot be missed when deciding on the wedding car.

Choosing an armored model brings protection to the couple, who want to enjoy the big day without worries.

Choosing drivers with defensive driving training also helps at a time when nothing can get out of hand.


Choose a wedding car with CS Global

After all the tips, did you concluded that a luxury sedan will be the wedding car?

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There is also the option of having drivers dressed in suits to add more charm to the moment. All are trained by the Roberto Manzini Driving Center, located in São Paulo.

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